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Castlekeep Kommander
CAEnegative via Herd heath Diagnotistics (Sept. 2019.)

Sire: CastlekeepFarm Freedom   Dam:Castlekeep Hanabella DOB: 02/22/2018

Pruittville's L/P Lorenzo
CAE negative (Feb. 2016 via Biotracking.com)


Sire: Pruittville's Lincoln  Dam: Pruittville's E/C Popcorn  DOB 3/14/2015

(Lorenzo at 11 months old)

Lorenzo was purchased as a successor to Challenger.  We have high hopes for his offspring, especially when he is bred to Challenger sired does.  Lorenzo was sold in 2018 and left for his new herd October 20th, 2018.  He did service in this herd in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.  While there are pending registrations out, Lorenzo has 27 kids registered under this herd name.

ANM Caprine's RY Rock-N-Rouser
CAE Negative (Feb. 2015 via Biotracking.com)

Sire: Amberwood Twister's Rebel Yell  Dam: Bluff-Top L Isabella DOB: 05/19/2011

Rouser was used as a cover buck between Lorenzo and Challenger.  He sired 1 kid in 2015 and 16 kids in 2016.  Rouser is a younger half brother of ANM Caprine's Pepper (see below).  Consequently his kids are very similar to the Pepper kids born here in 2009, 2010, and 2011.  Rouser has three registered kids under this herd name.

Pruittville’s Challenger 
CAE negative (Biotracking.com August 2013) G6S Normal


Sire: Pruittville’s L/M Triumph  Dam:  Pruittville’s N/E Razzberry  DOB: 2/22/11  

(Challenger at 1 day old)

Challenger was sold in September 2014 after he settled the does for the 2015 kidding season.  While he was here he sired kids in our herd in 2012, twice in 2013, in 2014, and 2015.  We feel very fortunate to have brought in this fine Pruittville buck and gratefully thank Tim Pruitt for letting us purchase him.  We saw that Challenger’s kids showed udder improvements over their dams. Challenger has 29 registered kids under this herd name.


(These two Pictures show Challenger at thirteen months old)

ANM Caprines Pepper


Sire: Pruittville’s Tom Sawyer  Dam: Bluff-Top L Isabella  DOB: 5/16/07

(Pepper at 1 year old [05/08])


(These two pics were taken in October 2010 showing Pepper as a three year old -- At three Pepper was a huge buck weighing over 300 pounds and standing 36 inches at the shoulder)

Pepper was brought into the herd in late 2007.  We had animals with influences from the Bluff-Top herd, but had not known about the Pruittville herd.  Pepper was our herdshire in 2009, 2010, and 2011.  Pepper has 17 registered offspring born into the herd with four does retained.  It was the influence of Pepper’s sire that convinced us to buy a Pruittville buck.  Pepper has 17 registered under this herd name.

Paw-Paw Buck Rogers


Sire:  Bluff-Top Dutch Boy Black  Dam:  Paw-Paw Red Wing  DOB: 03/10/06

(This pic of Buck Rogers was taken the day he came to the farm in 2006)

(This pic of Buck Rogers was taken in May 2008 and shows him as a two year old)

Buck Rogers was purchased at the same time from the same herd as the four does used to restart the herd in 2006. In his background are some great goats like Price O the Field Dutch Man, Nu Ara’s Sidney Chinsucker and Hallcienda Frosty Marvin.  He has two animals registered under this herd name.

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