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Goat Town USA is a small herd of purebred nubian dairy goats located in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  In 1996, we started with an ecclectic mix of dairy goats and boers. In 1998 we registered our herd name with the American Dairy Goat Association.  Shortly thereafter all the goats apart from the nubians were sold.  In 2000 we took a  break from goats but restarted the herd in its present location in 2006.

We have two main concerns: quality breeding and disease prevention.  For the past five years we have been working with Pruittville lines and have selected our current herdsire, Lorenzo, to complement traits in our Pruittville sired does.  We have maintained a CAE negative herd and test annually.  Those test results are published on both the does and bucks pages of our website.

*** Latest Herd News ***

2017 Kidding News

The summer 2017 kidding season began June 27th when Bristow delivered a set of mixed twins.  The buckling is for sale.  One June 29th Nanette delivered a pair of bucklings, both of whom are for sale.  Another doe, Agatha was expected to kid, but she miscarried.  Patience remained open.  All kids for sale are posted on the Kidding Schedule page at the bottom of the For Sale page.

The first part of 2017 kidding season actually began in late December 2016 when a very young doe, Opal surprised us by delivering a single doeling just two days after Christmas.  Nanette kidded January 2nd 2017.  She had a large stillborn doeling, a large buckling who died a week later, and a tiny doeling who survived.  Agatha kidded January 5th with a single large buckling.  Bristow kidded January 6th with twin doelings.  Cerise Kidded February 5th with triplet bucklings.  Unfortunately only one survived.  Meg kidded March 4th with twin bucklings.  There were four doelings and four bucklings.   Complete planned breeding information is available on the "Kidding Schedule" page at the bottom of the "For Sale" page. 

2016 Kidding News

There was a second kidding season in 2016.  On July 1st Bristow delivered a single buckling.  Meg delivered twin doelings on July 3rd.  On July 4th Agatha delivered mixed twins.  Finally, on July 17th Cerise delivered her first set of triplets, two bucklings and a doeling.  Unfortunately the doeling lived only two days.  Patience and Nanette remained open and did not kid.  This is the first set of kids out of our new buck, Pruittville's L/P Lorenzo.  All of these kids are for sale.  Information about them can be found on the "For Sale" page of this site.

The first kidding season 2016 began January 1st and ended January 5th.  Seven does gave birth to 16 kids.  There were ten doelings and six bucklings.  Sadly,  Sadie Mae died from complications from her kidding.

Herd Testing News

March 21st, 2017 CAE test results returned from Biotracking.com.  Six does, including a new doe from 2016, Opal, all tested negative.  Neither Patience nor Lorenzo were tested, but both have tested negative in the past.

March 21st, 2017 Pregnancy tests returned from Biotracking.com.  Three does (Bristow, Nanette, and Agatha) are pregnant and due to kid in late July through early August.  Opal was tested but she is not pregnant. 

February 9th, 2016  CAE test results returned from Biotracking.com.  All does as well as our new buck, Lorenzo, tested negative.  There were no remaining 2015 kids to test.

February 24th, 2015  CAE test results returned from Biotracking.com.  Whole herd tested CAE negative including the remaining 2014 kids and a visiting buck.

February 27th, 2014   CAE test results returned from Biotracking.com  Whole herd tested CAE negative.

February 27th, 2014 Pregnancy test result returned from Biotracking.com  All does bred for summer kiddings.

August 7th, 2013 CAE test results returned from Biotracking.com  Whole herd tested CAE negative.

CAE test results returned from Biotracking.com February 5th, 2013.

The Herd

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